5 missing footnotes from those Android P rumors

Well, gang, we knew it was inevitable, and now it’s actually happening: Here in the land of Android, we are officially talking about the first stream of P leaks.

Hey, it could be worse. Just wait until developers start getting P on their devices.

In all seriousness, though, Android P is inching ever-closer to its actual arrival. The first developers’ preview of Android O landed on March 21st last year, 57 days ahead of Google’s 2017 I/O convention. This year’s I/O event is happening even earlier — starting on May 8th — and so it’s not unreasonable to think the first Android P preview could come out even earlier as well (especially considering that Google has been putting out its previews earlier and earlier every year, regardless).

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Source: – computerworld
5 missing footnotes from those Android P rumors