Apple's new privacy ad is one big subtweet

Apple, not
known for being shy about its willingness to do
a bit of trolling
at the expense of competitors, has a new
privacy ad campaign that’s basically one big subtweet.

The ad, Apple’s first television spot to tackle the subject of
privacy directly, opens with a shot of the iPhone and the words
“privacy matters,” before delving into a montage of basic actions
people take to protect their day-to-day privacy that have nothing
to do with Apple or its products. 

The tone of the ad, which will run online and on TV, is
lighthearted. There’s no mention of messy data privacy or
encryption, just “If privacy matters in your life, it should matter
to the phone your life is on.”
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Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Apple's new privacy ad is one big subtweet