Better than Prime Day – time's running out to get the best Echo Dot deal ever

When the
Amazon Prime Day deals
roll into town in July, it’s a
no-brainer that the Amazon Echo Dot will get a big discount like it
does every year. The thing is, it’ll be nowhere near as good as
this one – and it ends at 9am tomorrow. 

This is a UK-only deal, but we’ve rounded up the latest top
deals in the US over on our
Memorial Day sales
page. UK readers, be sure to check out the

Bank Holiday sales
this weekend too.

We’re expecting Prime Day to bring the Echo Dot down to £29.99
as per usual, or £24.99 at the very best if Google aggressively
price cuts the Google Home Mini as the search giant can’t help but
wind Amazon up any chance it gets with its line of rival smart

Act fast though, and you can get an
Amazon Echo Dot
bundled in with a month of Amazon Music
Unlimited’s (it’s like Spotify) family plan for just £15.98.
That’s £14.99 for Amazon Music and a mere 99p for the Echo Dot
smart speaker on top. That’s insanely good as you’re saving £49
off the RRP.

So yes, the catch to getting this super cheap price is having to
sign up for another service and making sure you pay for a month’s
access after any free trial period ends. But considering it only
costs £14.99 and you can cancel it straight away once you’ve paid
for a month, that’s a stunning offer. Amazon will then send you a
discount code which you can use to discount an Echo Dot down to
just 99p.

You might not want to cancel the excellent music streaming
service though, especially as it works so well with Alexa smart
speakers like the Echo Dot with you being able to simply request
songs, artists and albums with voice commands. The family plan
allows you to share access to over 50 million songs on six accounts
to be played on smart speakers, mobiles, laptops, Fire TV devices
and more.

Amazon Music Unlimited and Echo Dot deal

The promotion for the super cheap Echo Dot runs until 9am May
24th (tomorrow!), and once you have your discount code you have
until June 30 to redeem it. You can see the full T&Cs on the
promo page once you click through, but we’ve covered the most
important parts – namely that you’re free to cancel the
subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited once that first payment of
£14.99 has gone through.

If the ‘family plan’ is bit overkill for your needs, but you
enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited, once you’ve received your discount
code and ordered the Echo Dot, you could always downgrade your
membership to standard version for £9.99 a month, or if you’re an
Amazon Prime member, £7.99 a month. Not a Prime member? Give it a
go with a
free trial
and you can test our the super fast delivery options
and film/TV streaming service too.

If you end up sticking with the Music Unlimited service,
Day 2019
 might be a perfect opportunity to pick up some extra
speakers to dot around the house or beef up the sound in one

Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Better than Prime Day – time's running out to get the best Echo Dot deal ever