Bizarre social network promises to give you ‘eternal life’ – by creating virtual clones of users that carry on after you die

EVERYONE is being offered the opportunity to “live forever” – if they sign up to a new social media network.

But rather than prolonging your actual life, you’ll instead achieve “eternal life” through a virtual clone that teaches itself to copy your personality.

Eter9 is a social network that can give you “eternal life”

It’s called Eter9, and is currently only in a “beta” test mode – although anyone can sign up.

Once you’re logged in, the app works just like a normal social network. You’ll share funny posts and upload interesting photos.

But the app – which has more than 63,000 users – will pair you up with a “Counterpart”, which is an AI version of you that learns what you’re like over time.

And most creepy of all, the “Counterpart” will make posts for you while you sleep – effectively keeping you online 24/7.

The app creates a virtual AI clone of you, which can post while you’re asleep – and live on after you’re dead in the real world

“The Counterpart is your Virtual Self that will stay in the system and interact with the world just like you would if you were present,” the app’s creators explain.

“Your Counterpart will learn more with each action you take.

“The more you interact in the new social network, the more your Counterpart will learn!”

Over time, the machine learning systems will teach your virtual clone to become more like you.

It’ll make posts that you yourself might’ve made, or upload photos you’d have likely uploaded.

It will even interact with other users – all on your behalf.

This counterpart “will be active even while the user is offline, both in terms of posting content and commenting.

“The counterpart will also be responsible for the user’s eternal life.

“The counterpart will absorb all the information according to the posts and comments, and process that information within the limits of the acquired knowledge.”

The app was created by Henrique Jorge, who wants to create a virtual repository for human life
Henrique Jorge

The goal is to help you achieve “eternal life” – but in a non-conventional way.

“This network has specificities which allow a human being to achieve immortality in cyber space,” the website explains.

“Eter9 makes it possible to eternalise the user, and gives them the permanent ability to interact within the network 24/7 through an element called counterpart.”

There’s also a second element to the site: a load of virtual friends you can add called “Niners”.

These are created automatically – and are sometimes killed off “if they have no purpose within the Eter9 universe”

Niners ask to be adopted by real users, and have different personalities – some are artists, others are athletes.

Each has its own interests, which can range from pop music to football.

Henrique Jorge, the founder of Eter9, told The Sun that the company is about to launch an updated version of the website with secret new features.

However, the updated version will still be part of the ongoing “beta” test – before an eventual full launch.

Once fully operational, the app will promise a “unique ability to convert users into eternal beings”.

“We have reasons to believe that ETER9 may be a living repository of every human being on the planet,” Henrique told us.

“Surely we will be a legacy company where everything will be stored and always available, according to some privacy patterns, of course.

“For now, we are just starting, but in the future we will create a global cloud that ensure the Living Cyberspace redundancy.”

An expert futurologist recently told The Sun that we’ll all be able to live forever – if we can make it to the year 2050.

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Bizarre social network promises to give you ‘eternal life’ – by creating virtual clones of users that carry on after you die