Detective Pikachu invades Pokémon Go for movie crossover event until May 17

DETECTIVE Pikachu is hitting cinemas this Friday — but you can catch him in Pokémon Go today.

From 8 p.m. tonight until 8p.m. next Friday, May 17, not only can you catch your own Detective Pikachu, but there’s other fun to be had too.

Detective Pikachu comes out this week, but you can catch him today in Pokémon Go

Pokémon featured in the movie, such as Psyduck, Eevee  and Bulbasaur will appear more in the wild, and should have a chance to be shiny too.

Detective Pikachu – a Pikachu wearing a Sherlock-style deerstalker – won’t be in the wild, but instead might photobomb you when you’re using the AR Camera mode.

Some more movie star Pokémon will feature in special raid battles – events that see players teaming up at larger landmarks to take down powerful versions of regular Pokémon.

A trailer for the event flagged Charizard, Blastoise, Lickitung, Snorlax and Machamp as appearing in raids.

T-shirts and Pikachu-eared Deerstalkers are available in the in-game item shop
Detective Pikachu might just photobomb your Pokémon as you try and snap them out and about

Regular players of Pokémon Go will be glad to know the event also features some new themed Field Research with appropriate rewards for completing the daily missions — expect to be rewarded with encounters with the raid Pokémon above after completing a few.

True movie fans can also buy some new items for their in-game avatars too.

Movie T-shirts showing the Ryan Reynolds voiced electric mouse are up for sale, as are deerstalker hats with attached Pikachu ears.

As well as that, everyone will get double experience points for catching Pokémon for the duration of the event.

Meanwhile, researchers have revealed that long-term Pokémon fans have a dedicated area of their brain devoted to identifying the pocket monsters.

The cluster of brain cells will be just behind your ear, in the area of your brain used for visual processing, according to researchers.

The next Pokémon games are due out later this year on Nintendo Switch, while Detective Pikachu will be in cinemas this Friday.

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Detective Pikachu invades Pokémon Go for movie crossover event until May 17