Forget Face ID, you could be unlocking smartphones with your SWEAT in as little as five years

SWEAT is so unique it could one day be used to access smartphones in the same way we use a fingerprint or our faces.

Amino acids in our “sweat print” could be used to identify someone wearing a mobile or wearable device, researchers have claimed.

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Your sweat ‘print’ is so unique it could help secure smartphones


It could prove to be one of the most secure ways to hide your secrets on your phone as a sweat profile is a lot harder for scammers to operate.

Assistant Professor Jan Halamek at the University at Albany, who co-authored a study called “promises and challenges in continuous tracking utilizing amino acids in skin secretions for active multi-factor biometric authentication for cybersecurity”, said: “The sequence of the unlocking mechanism will be based on complex biological systems that cannot be ascertained by anyone other than the device’s owner.”

It might sound totally bizarre but Prof Halamek reckons it could become a reality in the next “five to 10 years”.

It could help people who struggle to remember passwords or have mobility issues which mean they cannot place their finger over a phone sensor.

Facial recognition security features have already been foiled by hackers.

The iPhone X and Samsung S8 face unlock were both cracked.

It took just ten days for security researchers to fool Apple’s Face ID using an elaborate face mask.

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Samsung’s facial recognition was tricked using a photo of its owner.

If you have banking apps on your phone, they advise you to set a pin on your phone, which would suggest that it’s the safest way to keep your secrets safe for now.

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Source: thesun
Forget Face ID, you could be unlocking smartphones with your SWEAT in as little as five years