GandCrab decryption tool released

When the GandCrab ransomware grew in popularity among
cybercriminals back in January 2018, cybersecurity firm
released the first decryption tool to help victims
take back their digital lives and now the firm has released an

updated version of its tool

The company’s collaboration with the Romanian Police, Europol
and other law enforcement agencies has produced a new decryptor for
all GandCrab ransomware versions released since October 2018.

Users that have been affected by versions 1,4 and up through 5.1
of GandCrab can download and use Bitdefender’s new tool to regain
access to their sensitive data and other files.

So far, more than 2,000 home users, companies and non-profits
have utilized the company’s tool to retrieve their lost data and
avoid paying millions in ransom.

Growth of GandCrab

Since it first emerged, the GandCrab ransomware has inflicted
hundreds of millions of dollars in losses globally and it is now
one of the most prevalent families of ransomware on the market.

Last year for instance, GandCrab affiliates began using Remote
Desktop Protocol instances to attack organizations by directly
logging in with stolen domain credentials. After authenticating on
a compromised PC, attackers then manually run the ransomware and
instruct it to spread across the entire network. Once the network
has been infected, attackers wipe their traces clean and contact
the victim with a decryption offer.

GandCrab operators have also recently begun to deliver
ransomware to organizations via vulnerabilities in remote IT
support software used by MSPs to manage custom workstations.

To prevent falling victim to GandCrab and other forms of
ransomware, Bitdefender recommends making sure that you are running
the latest version of your OS as well as third-party software. The
firm also suggests installing a security
as any software purchase will be cheaper than making a
ransom payment.

Source: FS – All Tech News 2
GandCrab decryption tool released