Google Photos now allows you to search for text in your pics

search functionality in Google Photos is already a powerful
, allowing you to find certain objects, locations, pets,
events or even people within your snaps thanks to some clever AI,
but it’s now been made even smarter.

Utilizing the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tech found in
Google Lens, you can now search for text from within Google Photos.
Once it finds any images that contain that text, you’re able to
use Lens to select and copy it in order to paste it elsewhere.

Google Photos OCR

While it’s especially good at finding text within screenshots
and other obviously-aligned words, it can also work wonders with
non-standard fonts that are skewed and distorted, which is rather

The feature was confirmed by Google Photos itself on Twitter
after being initially spotted by users @can and @hunterwalk.

As mentioned in the tweet, the feature is rolling out
“starting this month”, and in the TechRadar office, both
Android and web users found that they had received the feature –
although its success varied across different devices – and there
was no sign of it on iOS.

The implication of this is that Google Photos is automatically
applying the OCR tech to all of your images, and possibly storing
the metadata about the text contained within the photo in some way,
although we’ll need to hear more from Google directly to confirm
how this feature fully operates.

Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Google Photos now allows you to search for text in your pics