Handy Google Chrome tool reveals the websites making your PC run slow

A TRICK for the Google Chrome browser could improve your online experience.

The tip involves ‘task manager’ and could speed up your internet surfing.

Task manager can help you speed up your surfing

What is Google Chrome task manager

Task manager allows you to monitor applications, processes, and services that are running on your computer whilst your using it.

It shows the memory and central processing unit (CPU) usage of each and every tab that is open in the Chrome browser.

You can use it to start, stop and escape these programs.

If you have too many tabs open this can result in your browsing speed slowing down.

Too many tabs uses a lot of memory and CPU

How to use Google Chrome task manager

A handy way to improve your browsing speed on Google Chrome is the following method.

Right click on the a bar at the very top where your tabs are and select ‘Task Manager’.

Alternatively, you can press ‘Shift’ and the escape key to open it.

Then go through the list of tabs you have open and see which ones are using the most memory and CPU.

If you don’t need them anymore then simply shutdown the ones that are slowing you down.

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Handy Google Chrome tool reveals the websites making your PC run slow