John Wick Fortnite crossover skins leaked as Epic teases new mode

FORTNITE’S next big crossover event is coming very soon, and will tie in with the launch of movie John Wick 3.

While Epic Games has just teased the event, data miners have dug into the game’s code and uncovered a bunch of secret information about it.

The main version of the skin, and its gold coin back bling
Fortnite News

As you might expect, there will be a new in-game skin to buy that will let you play as the sharp-suited killer, and there is plenty more besides.

It is rather similar to the old-school favourite Reaper Skin, which had often been seen as a John Wick tribute by Fortnite fans.

It looks like you’ll be able to change the appearance of the skin, choosing between a version with slicked-back hair and a perfectly pressed suit and a battle-worn version with damaged suit, messed-up hair and a few bruises.

Leakers also revealed back bling that’s coming as a reward for completing in-game challenges during the event.

It shows one of the film series’ mysterious gold coins used to buy services in the underworld.

The data also suggest you will also be able to win a wrap and an umbrella from the Wick’s Bounty challenges, but we don’t yet know what those will look like.

As with the Avengers X Fortnite event, most of these challenges will take place in a new game mode that will only be playable during the event.

Winning a match will reward the umbrella, while playing five matches will give you the wrap.

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to earn XP points by collecting Gold Tokens and by dealing damage with the Combat Shotgun and Tactical Assault Rifle weapons.

The damaged and regular versions of the Jonn Wick skin
YouTube / Fortnite Insider

Exactly how the event works remains to be seen — but the leaked description suggests it’s a team mode, with players being “tough but not unstoppable”, having three lives, and having to kill other players to collect gold tokens.

The team that reaches the target first wins — but the current token leader will have their position marked on the map “for all to see”.

The only official word from Epic games so far comes in the form of two teasers.

The first was a tweet reading “🧔🏻🐶✏💰”, which was swiftly followed by an in-game news feed announcement saying ‘Tick Tock, Mr. Wick” with a strange image.

The first in-game teaser image for the event
Fortnite's The Reaper skin
The Reaper skin has become iconic due to its relative rarity
Epic Games

Fans should enjoy these events while they can, as even bigger changes could be coming down the road for Fortnite and games like it.

A US Senator has introduced a bill that takes aim at games such as Fortnite that are free to start, but target children with microtransactions.

The bill could see popular games forced to remove such monetisation features in the US which would probably end up with them being removed entirely.

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John Wick Fortnite crossover skins leaked as Epic teases new mode