Last call: Sign up for the TC Hackathon at VivaTech 2019

This one’s dedicated to all the genius hackers, coders and
creators who also happen to be inveterate procrastinators. Right
here, right now — this is your final opportunity to participate
in the
TechCrunch Hackathon at VivaTech 2019
 in Paris on 17-18 May.
The application is free and the process couldn’t be easier, so
drop whatever you’re doing and
sign up today

If you snooze, you lose — lose the chance to flex your mighty
coding skills and build something creative and amazing from scratch
in 24 hours. Don’t be that person. A rich, exciting — and
potentially lucrative — experience awaits. Here’s what goes
down at the
TC Hackathon at VivaTech

Teams of 4-6 people will select one of the five sponsored hack
challenges. Don’t worry if you arrive solo, we’ll help you find
a team once you’re onsite. Our sponsors include EDHECErametSanofiCegedimIBM, Galeries
 / Publicis
 and Corvid by
. Specifics on the
are below:

EDHEC Challenge

Making an impact can have different meanings, and we believe
that one of them is about improving how we support students’
careers. Have you ever asked yourself “have I chosen the right
studies and the right career for me?” According to the French
Ministry of Higher Education, 150,000 french students decide to
change their degree course. Participating in VivaTech is a great
way to solve this issue through innovation. So let’s help them
find the path that suits them best for their future career! The
winner of this challenge will receive a €5,000 prize.

Eramet Challenge

In the 21st century, metal alloys are everywhere, e.g.
computers, electric cars, satellites. You can find up to 20
different alloys in a single computer. The quality requirements of
customers are extremely tight nowadays. Eramet, a global mining and
metallurgical group, challenges you to find a solution that can
provide our customers with 100% transparency on our supply chains,
from the extraction of ore from the mine to the final product, with
a heavy focus on the quality, environmental, social and ethical
aspects. The winner of this challenge will receive a €5,000

Sanofi-Cegedim-IBM Challenge

Collective intelligence can help to find smart solutions to make
healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) practice easier and bring better
care to people living with cardio-metabolic challenges like
diabetes. Sanofi, Cegedim and IBM will provide anonymized
electronic health records for you to design data-driven solutions
for HCPs and their patients. How to optimize time and effort? How
to better predict and personalize care? How can we avoid health
complications and allow better decision making? The best product
that addresses this challenge will receive €5,000 in prize

Galeries Lafayette Publicis Sapient Predictive Mode Challenge

Discovering emerging brands and proposing an offer aligned with
consumer expectations is a permanent challenge. Data can help us
identify major upcoming trends and measure the potential of a brand
or collection by uncovering fashion trends of tomorrow through text
mining algorithms and pattern recognition in images and videos. If
you wish to put your creativity and data analysis skills to link
fashion and deep learning algorithms, this challenge is made for
you! The best product that addresses this challenge will receive a
prize worth €5,000.

Corvid by Wix Challenge

There are plenty of community, collaboration and project
management tools available for developers to use. But how do we
make these essential assets better? In this challenge, the team
with the best hack that uses Corvid—an open development platform
that lets you build, manage, deploy and scale advanced web
applications—will receive a €5,000 prize.

Teams will then spend roughly 24 intense, focused and
caffeine-fueled hours designing, building and creating the best
working solution possible. Don’t worry, we’ll have food and
drink to keep you going (at no charge!) Once the proverbial whistle
blows, teams will have a mere 60 seconds to pitch their project in
front of the sponsors and TechCrunch judges.

Not only will the sponsors choose a winner and award prizes for
their specific challenges, but the TechCrunch judges will also
award each team a score ranging from 1-5. The team that scores the
highest combined score wins €5,000 in cash as the overall winner
of the TC Hackathon. Plus, all teams that receive a TechCrunch
score of three or higher will win two free tickets to both TechCrunch
Disrupt Berlin 2019
and VivaTech 2020.

If you’re a stickler for details, you’ll find all you need
in the
TC Hackathon at VivaTech FAQ

Dear procrastinators, this is it. Your last chance to pit your
skills — for free — against the very best of the best at
the TechCrunch
Hackathon at VivaTech 2019
on 17-18 May. Don’t snooze.
Don’t lose.
Sign up right here
, and we’ll see you in Paris!

Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Last call: Sign up for the TC Hackathon at VivaTech 2019