Microsoft will offer console streaming for free to Xbox One owners

Microsoft’s Sunday E3 pressure was all about the games. In
fact, while the company did offer some information about hardware
and services, the information all arrived fast and furious at the
end of the conference. While it’s probably unsurprising that the
company had very little to offer in the way of information about
its upcoming 8K console, Project Scarlett, most of us expected

Project xCloud
to get a lot more face time on stage.

The company powered through a whole lot of information about its
upcoming streaming offering like it was going out of style (or,
perhaps, like the lights were going out at its own theater). The
speed and brevity of it all left a number of audience members
confused on the specifics — and caused some to speculate that the
service night not be as far along as Microsoft had hoped.

We caught up with a few Microsoft reps on our final day at the
show to answer some questions. The company is unsurprisingly still
mum on a number of key details around the offering. A couple of key
things are worth clarifying, though. For starters console stream is
not considered a part of Project xCloud. Rather, the ability to
play games on one’s own Xbox One remotely is a separate feature
that will be coming to users via a software update.

Asked what advantages console streaming has over the parallel
xCloud offering, Microsoft’s answer was simple: it’s free. Fair
enough. This serves a two-fold purpose. First, it helps
differentiate Microsoft’s streaming offerings from Stadia and
second, it provides another value proposition for the console
itself. As to how performance is expected to differ between console
streaming and XCloud, it wouldn’t comment.

As I wrote earlier today
, the company does see the potential of
a large scale move to the cloud, but anticipates that such a shift
is a long ways off. After all, if it didn’t, it likely wouldn’t
have announced a new console this week at E3.

Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Microsoft will offer console streaming for free to Xbox One owners