Netflix wants to vibrate your phone during movies

Worried that your Netflix experience isn’t dynamic enough? That
could be set to change with a new rumble feature being tested by
the massive streaming platform to hammer home the impact of big-set
action scenes on your phone.

The feature, tentatively named ‘Project Rumble Pak’, arose from
one of
Studio Hack Days
, when devs attempt to innovate the streaming
service in surprising new ways.

Project Rumble Pak seeks to emulate some of the rumble features
seen in modern console controllers – like the
DualShock 4
Xbox One controller
– which attempt to provide responsive
haptic feedback based on what’s happening on screen. 

But this time it’s your smartphone, using the vibrations usually
set off by calls and notifications to enhance your viewing
experience. (We’ve seen a similar thing on the Sony
Xperia XZ2
, though it wasn’t exactly a must-have feature.)

There’s obviously less need for this when watching films and TV
shows at home, and we don’t expect to see Netflix sending out
vibrating sofas anytime soon. Smartphones also weren’t really
designed with this function in mind, while the Nintendo
‘s HD Rumble function can recreate the feeling of moving
an ice cube around a glass. 

The app would essentially just turn your phone’s vibrate setting
on – which we could see getting confusing if that’s also how you
get notified about incoming calls or messages.

But given that viewers are usually having to sacrifice a degree
of visual quality to watch their favorite Netflix
on the go with their smartphone, even that small level of
immersion would be a welcome addition, for those who want it.

Life hacks

Netflix’s blog post on
Hack Day Spring 2019
makes it clear that a lot of the
ideas won’t make it to your app, even if they’ll keep trying to
think up fun new things for the platform: 

“The most important value of hack days is that they support a
culture of innovation. We believe in this work, even if it never
ships, and love to share the creativity and thought put into these

Other app functions toyed with at Netflix’s last Hack Day
include a neural AI that can mimic the voice of characters on
Netflix shows – for fun – as well as more internally-focused
features to help filmmakers find shooting locations.


Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Netflix wants to vibrate your phone during movies