Nintendo Switch could soon (unofficially) run Windows 10

Here’s a novel one: fancy running
Windows 10
– or at least the
ARM spin of Microsoft’s OS
– on your Nintendo
? Well, that could be possible, at least if an unofficial
project that’s currently in its early stages pans out.

This is an effort driven by one of the developers previously
involved in
bringing Windows 10 on ARM to the Raspberry Pi
, so why not the
Switch as well? Previously, this bunch of intrepid porters have
also got the operating system
running on old Lumia 950 XL smartphones
to boot.

The caveat here is that Windows 10 ARM isn’t currently
functional on Nintendo’s console, but the developer, Ben,
believes he can get it going with some work and bug-squashing.

He noted the primary work necessary was a “memory regions
fix”, along with the fact that the project “needs massive
cleanup and bug fix, additional ACPI and USB work needed”.

Switching things up a gear

While this is certainly an eye-opening development, and an
impressive feat, the concept probably falls into the category of
‘cool’ rather than ‘actually useful’. Although there could
be certain use cases for getting Windows 10 on the Switch, or just
neat tricks like maybe running Office on the console (if you also
hook up a keyboard).

Of course, performance will likely be sluggish, particularly if
you’re trying to do anything vaguely demanding (and don’t
forget Windows 10 ARM has its own limitations too, even with the
‘always connected’ laptops specifically designed for
Microsoft’s spin on the desktop OS).

So yes, this is very cool to see, but remember that it’s in
the very early stages right now. Not to mention that in practical
terms, alternative projects to bring other operating systems across
– such as Android, with (unofficial) support for that being

further down the line as we saw last week
– will likely prove
more fruitful and run better on Nintendo’s console.

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Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Nintendo Switch could soon (unofficially) run Windows 10