No, end-to-end encryption isn’t a marketing gimmick

There’s bad takes, and then there’s bad takes. An example of
the latter comes from Bloomberg Opinion columnist Leonid
Bershidsky, who thinks that today’s WhatsApp security woes proves
that end-to-end encryption is “a gimmick” and “largely
pointless.” WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging apps around.
To put Bershidsky’s comments in context, earlier today, it
transpired that it was possible to use specially-weaponized phone
calls in order to install malware on a target’s phone. The
Facebook-owned company has since released a patch, which users are
encouraged to install at the earliest possible opportunity.
WhatsApp, like many messaging apps, uses end-to-end…

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No, end-to-end encryption isn’t a marketing gimmick