PS5 ‘set for 2019 reveal but next PlayStation won’t be here until 2020’

THE PlayStation 5 could be revealed before the end of this year but isn’t likely to be released until November 2020, according on an analyst.

Talking to Sun Online, Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter revealed Sony pulling out of this year’s E3 was “a pretty solid indicator that they are NOT launching a new console in 2019”.

Sony skipping E3 is a sure-fire sign the PS5 won’t be here in 2019, says Pachter
The Sun

However, it seems likely that Sony will “have something later in the year like a PlayStation Expo in December” where a console may well be revealed.

That timings means the PS5 won’t be here this year, because that reveal would come after the key pre-Christmas shopping period.

“Every console they’ve launched has launched at holiday, so I can confidently state that there is not one coming this holiday,” Pachter told Sun Online, “and it is highly likely we’ll see one launch by November 2020.”



Pachter’s comments come as reports circulate that AMD’s Navi GPU — one of the chips rumoured to be at the heart of the PS5 — is being delayed until October 2019 “at the earliest”.

That certainly backs up the idea that the PS5 wouldn’t be ready for serious production this year, given the chip was previously thought to be coming by the end of March this year.

The AMD Ryzen chip is the first to use AMD’s 7nm architecture that the Navi will also utilise

Meanwhile, it is also being reported that the global shortage of smaller but equally key component — monolithic ceramic capacitors, to be precise — was still affecting supply chains.

These tiny charge-holding devices are likely to be crucial to the architecture of the PS5, but are also in high demand for 5G mobile phones and some key tech required by electric cars, both of which are seeing ever-increasing demand.

That pressure on the supply chains again makes an early launch much less likely, given Sony would not want to risk not being able to meet demand after launch.


It’s not all bad news for Sony fans, though. A new patent suggests that the PS5 could launch with access to literally THOUSANDS of games, while “most” Sony in-house studios are already beavering away on new titles for PS5. Microsoft is also working on new hardware and could reveal that even earlier — and any move by Microsoft regarding the Xbox 2 is likely to be matched by Sony.


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PS5 ‘set for 2019 reveal but next PlayStation won’t be here until 2020’