Samsung Galaxy S10 release date revealed as expert tips EXACT price for new model

WATCH out, Apple: the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone is nearly ready to debut, and we’ve got all the details.

The Sun has chatted with experts and trawled the internet for Samsung Galaxy S10 release date news, and we’ve compiled a guide to the phone’s expected price, features and specs.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to replace last year’s Galaxy S9
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Samsung Galaxy S10 – what is it?

Each year, Samsung releases two high-end “flagship” phones: a Galaxy S devices in spring, and a Galate Note device in autumn.

The Galaxy S phones are the popular mainstream gadgets that directly rival the iPhone – and so Samsung packs them with the hottest features.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is this year’s replacement to 2018’s Galaxy S9, and is probably just around the corner.

But Samsung is keeping tight-lipped about the new gadget, so we’re having to rely on rumours, leaks and educated guesses for now.

The new phone is tipped to feature a super-fast Exynos chip built by Samsung itself

Samsung Galaxy S10 release date – when is the Galaxy S10 launch?

Samsung hasn’t technically revealed the Galaxy S10 release date, but it may as well have.

The Apple rival is hosting a major press event in San Francisco and London next month.

This is scheduled to take place on February 20, kicking off at 7pm for Brits.

It’ll also be live-streamed, so Samsung fans will be able to tune in from anywhere in the world.

It’s very likely that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be announced at the event.

However, there’s also plenty of evidence that the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy X folding phone will be on show, too.

Samsung’s new phones will be direct competition for the impressive iPhone XS
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It’s worth noting that this event comes just days before Mobile World Congress.

This is Barcelona’s annual tech tradeshow, which kicks off on February 24.

The show typically hosts major phone launches from the world’s biggest tech companies, although Samsung often hosts its own rival event.

Samsung will want to make sure it captures headlines that week, making it even likelier that the Galaxy S10 launches on February 20.

It’s also worth noting that although Samsung will probably announce the Galaxy S10 on February 20, the phone is unlikely to go on sale immediately.

You can expect a delay of a few weeks between announcement and retail release, as with previous years.

Samsung Galaxy S10 design, specs and features – what to expect from Galaxy S10 release

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is being kept being closed doors, so exact details about the phone aren’t public knowledge yet.

But we have plenty of rumours to chew over.

Most leaks to date suggest that Samsung will launch three different models of the Galaxy S10.

We’re expecting the usual Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, with different screen sizes to take on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

But there’s also a rumour that we’ll see a Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, which may be a cheaper model aimed at Apple’s iPhone XR.

Samsung hasn’t officially announced the Galaxy S10 yet – but it’s likely to arrive on February 20, 2019
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Screen sizes are tipped as 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.4 inches, which is roughly in line with Apple’s 2018 iPhone roster.

Base storage for all three models is rumoured as a very generous 128GB, which is double what you get from an entry-level iPhone.

The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are also tipped to have 512GB versions, while the latter may even get a 1TB model – which is more storage than most people would ever need.

At least one of the phones is expected to support super-fast 5G internet, taking advantage of the 5G networks rolling out in the UK in 2019.

The phone’s screen might cover the entire front of the handset – save for a small circular cut-out for the selfie camera

Samsung has already announced its next-generation mobile chip – the Exynos 9820 processor.

This chip is expected to power the Samsung Galaxy S10, and is built on a new manufacturing process that should make it faster and more power-efficient.

It’s also possible that Samsung may opt for Qualcomm’s new (and seriously speedy) Snapdragon 855 chip, instead.

However, it’s not clear if Samsung has any hope of beating Apple’s ludicrously powerful Apple A12 Bionic chip – featured in all three 2018 iPhone models.

Smartphone design hasn’t changed significantly in recent years – so how will Samsung convince you to upgrade?

Perhaps the biggest rumoured change is to the design.

Last year, Samsung revealed a new type of all-phone screen, where the the display covers the entire front of the handset.

The only exception would be a tiny “punt hole” cut-out for the selfie camera.

Samsung is likely to use this new design on the Galaxy S10, giving it a possible leg-up over Apple, whose iPhone has a much larger screen cut-out.

Samsung could send its prices skyrocketing well over £1,000 for the 2019 line-up of Galaxy smartphones

In terms of camera prowess, it’s expected that Samsung will carry over the Galaxy S9’s impressive 12-megapixel f/1.5 – f/2.4 shooter.

This is supposedly going to be paired with two other cameras (16-megapixels and 13-megapixels) to create a super triple-snapper.

However, it’s possible this will only appear on the Galaxy S10 Plus model – with the other two handsets relegated to single- or double-camera set-ups.

Is there any expert opinion? You bet.

“We believe key technology enhancements will be around Infinity-O display, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and – front and centre – a triple-camera setup,” Dan Ives, an industry expert and analyst at Wedbush Securities, told The Sun.

“The curved display and most advanced camera technology to date with optical zoom are key features that will be front and centre for key Samsung loyalists.

“Early 5G support will be a selling point as Samsung needs to make sure this is a 5G ready smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 price – how much will the Galaxy S10 cost in the UK?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 cost a fairly hefty £739, which was expensive even by 2018’s standards.

Sadly, predicting the Galaxy S10 price is very difficult.

Apple changed the game in 2018 with its new roster of iPhone models, ranging from a high £749 to a ludicrous £1,449.

This could force Samsung to raise its own prices in kind, so its brand doesn’t seem cheaper than Apple’s.

However, concerns over Apple’s ability to actually sell its new iPhones has many doubting whether people are willing to pay £1,000 plus for a smartphone.

This could prompt Samsung to stick to a lower price – to avoid similarly bad PR.

“This will be a potential game-changing model design from Samsung, with three models that can range from £850 on the low end, to £1,350 on the high-end with all the bells and whistles,” Dan explained.

“With all of Apple’s troubles, this is a key product release for Samsung.”

And a report by gadget blog Gizmodo published last year suggested that the Galaxy S10 Lite would cost £669, while the Galaxy S10 would come in at £799 or £999 – depending on which model you bought.

And the top phone – the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – will supposedly cost £899, £1,099 or £1,399, varying by model.

Of course, Samsung hasn’t actually released any official Samsung Galaxy S10 price info, so take all rumours with a pinch of salt for now.

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What would you like to see from the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone? Let us know in the comments!

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Samsung Galaxy S10 release date revealed as expert tips EXACT price for new model