Self-driving Teslas are about to get much more expensive

The cost of a Tesla with full self-driving capabilities is set
to rise by several thousand dollars in the coming months.

According to a tweet by the company’s CEO Elon Musk, the price
of cars with the company’s the Full Self-Driving option will rise
“substantially over time”, with the first hike happening on May

When asked by one follower whether the price rise would be “a
few thousand dollars”, Musk replied that yes, it would be in that

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving package currently costs $5,000 (about
£3,800, AU$7,000) if you request it when ordering a new car, or
$7,000 (about £5,300, AU$9,900) if you want to add it later, so
that’s a hefty extra outlay.

Upgrades down the road

The price hike comes as Tesla prepares to launch its new
self-driving computer, which will be offered as a retrofit to
customers who have already bought a car with the Full Self-Driving

Musk says those retrofits will begin in the next few months, and
will make the cars “appreciating assets” (a claim he first made

during a podcast
last week).


Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Self-driving Teslas are about to get much more expensive