Sony launches S.Ride taxi-hailing service in Tokyo

A joint venture spearheaded by Sony has launched a taxi-hailing
service in Tokyo today, marking another major entry into Japan’s
unusual transportation landscape. Minna no Taxi’s S.Ride app is
available to use from today and lets users flag down regular taxis;
payment can be handled with cash, credit card, or through a QR
code-powered digital wallet.

The S in S.Ride doesn’t stand for Sony, as you might expect
— a press
describes the service as “simple, smart, and
speedy.” The name can also be read as a pun of sorts, as the
app’s UI is based around a sliding gesture. Sony says S.Ride uses
AI technology to predict where demand will be highest and dispatch
drivers accordingly.

Minna no Taxi (Everybody’s Taxi)…

Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Sony launches S.Ride taxi-hailing service in Tokyo