The Galaxy S10 isn’t a secret anymore – but the best pre-order deals ARE

SAMSUNG has launched a trio of new smartphones – the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e – and pre-orders for the devices are already live.

The new Android devices are available to buy right away, after Samsung revealed them at events in San Francisco and London on February 20.

All three versions of the Galaxy S10 will be released on March 7, so whether it’s time for an Android upgrade or you’re looking to dump your iPhone, here’s where to buy the Galaxy S10 in the UK.

Samsung Galaxy S10e
The affordable Galaxy S10e is available in a snazzy yellow colour option
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We’ll have more details very soon and update this guide with the best Galaxy S10 deals, contracts and tariffs – as well as our full Galaxy S10 review.

But for now, if you want to buy one of the latest Samsung’s Galaxy S10 models, here are the top UK networks set to offer the all-new Android handset.

Alternatively, catch up on all the news from the big Samsung Unpacked 2019 event with our regularly updating Galaxy S10 launch live blog.

Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders UK – best EE Galaxy S10 deals

EE boasts the UK’s fastest and biggest 4G network, and has already confirmed it will be launching 5G later this year.

This makes it a great choice if you’re planning to wait for the 5G Galaxy S10 model Samsung announced, and an equally good option for 4G users.

The provider has confirmed it will be offering all three versions of the Galaxy S10 on a range of price plans.

You can keep an eye on pre-ordering the Galaxy S10 with EE here to ensure you’re the first know.

Galaxy S10 pre order
EE is the UK’s fastest and largest 4G network

Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders UK – best Vodafone Galaxy S10 deals

Vodafone has one of the UK’s largest 4G networks and has also announced plans to switch on 5G in 2019.

So whether you’re happy with your current mobile data speeds, or looking to upgrade, it’s one of the very best places to pre-order the Galaxy S10.

Vodafone also confirmed it be ranging the full Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup, so if it’s the affordable Galaxy S10e, super-sized Galaxy S10+, or standard-bearer the Galaxy S10, Vodafone has you covered.

Better still, its Red Entertainment bundles include 24-months of FREE Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, or NOW TV.

If this sounds like a cracking deal to you, you can register your interest in pre-ordering the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+ with Vodafone here.

Galaxy S10 pre orders
Vodafone bundles in free Sky Sports or Spotify with its mobile packages

Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders UK – best Three Galaxy S10 dealds

Three has told The Sun that it be making the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e available for pre-order this February.

Its mobile tariffs are typically cheaper than many of its rivals, plus its Go Binge feature means that using popular apps like Netflix, Apple Music and Snapchat doesn’t count against your data allowance.

You can enjoy free roaming in a number of countries for the time being.

If Three’s affordable price plans tickle your fancy, you can find out more about how to buy the Galaxy S10 from them here.

Galaxy S10 pre order
Three’s Galaxy S10 deals are likely to be some of the cheapest around

samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders UK – best O2 Galaxy S10 deals

Last but certainly not least, O2 has confirmed it will be offering the Galaxy S10 and its siblings on a range of price plans.

O2 is a good option for those who like to upgrade their phones regularly, thanks to its O2 Refresh option, which lets you pay from device and contract separately.

Like its rivals, O2 is also primed to roll out 5G in the UK later this year, and is already trialling the next-gen network in select location, including London.

If O2’s the network you want to get the Galaxy S10 with, you’ll find everything you need to get started here

Galaxy S10 pre order
O2 makes it easy to upgrade to the latest phones

Where to buy the Galaxy S10 in the UK– more Galaxy S10 pre-order details

A number of other UK mobile networks have also confirmed their Galaxy S10 pre-order plans.

These include Sky Mobile, BT Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

High Street retailers Argos and Carphone Warehouse also plan to stock the Galaxy S10 from its March 7 release date, and you can pre-order the Galaxy S10 direct from Samsung on its website.

Tell us which Galaxy S10 pre-order deals you like by commenting below.

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The Galaxy S10 isn’t a secret anymore – but the best pre-order deals ARE