This $650 TV thinks it costs $1,000 – and I'd recommend it to absolutely everyone

tcl p607

I’ve been living with the $650 TCL P607 for over a month, and it’s a fantastic TV.

It’s a 55-inch TV with ultra-sharp 4K resolution, HDR10 for great picture color, and it even has Dolby Vision for content that supports it, which is an even better version of HDR10.

It also has Roku built in, which handily outclasses the built-in software that most smart TVs come with.

The TCL P607 isn’t the cheapest 55-inch 4K TV with HDR, but it’s close. And most TVs with this kind of extended feature set, including Dolby Vision, can easily cost north of $1,000.

Check out what I thought of the TCL P607 TV after using it for a month:


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The TCL TV makes 4K and HDR video look just as good as more expensive TVs.

4K TV shows, movies, and games look stunning on the TCL. 

The TCL has 72 local dimming zones, which means it can dim or turn off certain zones of the screen that show a dark scene. As a result, the color black is surprisingly deep for a regular LCD TV. It’s not an OLED display where every pixel acts as a local dimming zone, so it doesn’t get that perfect black color in darker scenes, but the TCL is remarkably close. Having such deep black levels makes for a richer picture, and brighter parts of a scene can truly pop, too. 

With that said, the dimming zones can lag when scenes suddlenly switch from dark to bright. Parts of the screen can stay dim for a split second before switching back to bright. It’s noticeable, but not really distracting. 



It supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which you usually find on more expensive TVs.

The TCL also supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which make for more natural colors on content that supports HDR. It also helps reveal detail in darker parts of a scene that you normally wouldn’t see on a TV without HDR.

I should note that most HDR TVs only support the regular HDR10 standard while relatively few TVs support Dolby Vision, which is a kind of “premium” version of the standard HDR10 that’s usually found on higher-end TV models. The Dolby Vision badge can ramp up the price of a TV, but it hasn’t done so with the TCL. 

I was surprised to find that Dolby Vision does actually look better than regular HDR10. The enhancements to color and detail are more noticeable than they are with regular HDR10, and it’s always a treat when I find a show or movie that supports Dolby Vision on Netflix. 

I should also note that most streaming devices only support HDR10, not Dolby Vision. So the TCL, as a streaming device, is better than most streaming devices if you value Dolby Vision. So far, only the Apple TV 4K supports Dolby Vision.


If you want better TV quality, the next best thing are OLED TVs, which usually come with a huge price tag.

I found that I enjoyed content with the $650 TCL just as much as I did with the $5,500 LG OLED TV I tried out a few months ago. 

TCL may not be a household name like LG or Sony, but don’t let that scare you. The Chinese brand has existed for decades. It recently made a splash in the US TV market with its Roku-powered smart TVs, and it’s made a name for itself as a great budget-friendly brand for TVs.

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This 0 TV thinks it costs ,000 – and I'd recommend it to absolutely everyone