Twitter test gives you the power to quiet reply guys

If you’re tired of the same old
reply guys
filling up your mentions, you might soon have a
better way to deal with them.

Twitter will soon test a new feature that lets users choose to
“hide replies” to specific tweets, the company
. The feature, which was
first spotted
earlier this year, will be available to Canadian
Twitter users next week, according to the company, though all of
Twitter will be able to experience the effects of the feature.

With the change, users can opt to “hide” any given reply to one
of their tweets. Hiding it doesn’t block the user, or make the
tweet disappear into oblivion, but it makes it a lot less visible,
obscuring it behind an extra page. Anyone who views the original
tweet will need to tap a small icon in the right-hand corner of the
tweet in order to bring up replies that have been hidden. Read

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Twitter test gives you the power to quiet reply guys