Vodafone just took the title of best value SIM only deal in the UK

For the last week or so, Vodafone has been playing second fiddle
to Three in terms of the best SIM only
on the UK market. Both were priced at £20 per month for
enormous amounts of data, texts and calls, but Three held
on to its status as top SIMO dog thanks to its all-you-can-eat data

But Three’s extraordinary offer has now finally ended, leaving
Vodafone as the heir apparent to the crown. The SIMO king is dead –
long live the SIMO king!

So what does
Vodafone’s biggest ever data SIM only deal
look like? Well,
it’s offering a massive 100GB of data each month for those same
£20 per month bills. Of course unlimited would have been nicer,
but 100GB is still a sum that you’ll struggle to even get close to
using away from Wi-Fi in a single month – it amounts to around 100
hours of Netflix or Spotify streaming, so a good three hours of
solid entertainment every single day.

This impressive Vodafone SIM only deal in full: Why go for a
Vodafone SIM only deal?

There’s a lot to love when it comes to SIMO
deals with Vodafone
. Whether it’s the allowance of all of your
data and calls while roaming in 48 different countries, flexible
upgrade plans, a great return policy or its impressive countrywide

Not to mention the fact you will have access to Vodafone’s
VeryMe rewards scheme giving you discounts and freebies throughout
your contract.

What if I want a shorter term SIM only deal?

Not too keen on committing to a full year of Vodafone? No

If you want some flexibility with your SIMO then Smarty, a
relatively new player to the game, has a 30-day
flexible unlimited data plan for just £25 a month
, which also
gets you your second month free if you sign up now.

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Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Vodafone just took the title of best value SIM only deal in the UK