We reviewed this $35K Sony projector with old internet videos

Remember the old days of the internet? When you had to actually
load videos? Yes, those times sure were both magnificent and awful
times. And this got me thinking – could we combine the worlds?
And watch old internet videos on modern new tech? I mean, yes. Of
course you can, that’s a stupid question. That’s not going to
stop me reviewing the $34,999.99 (lol)
Sony VPL-VW870ES/VPL-VW995ES 4K projector by watching shitty old
internet videos on it though. Buckle in. This sounds dumb, but
fine. First question: who would buy such an expensive projector?
Sony’s projector is aimed at small venues –…

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Source: FS – All Tech News
We reviewed this K Sony projector with old internet videos