Xiaomi’s budget Mi Band wearable now sports a color screen and voice assistant

Xiaomi has refreshed its
smart fitness tracker and unveiled a range of other gadgets in
China, giving a glimpse at some of its affordable products that it
will likely be bringing to other markets in the coming future.

The wearable fitness tracker, called Mi Smart Band 4, sports a
bigger AMOLED display (39.9% increase in screen size) than its
popular year-old predecessor and features support for XiaoAI, the
company’s voice assistant that can be activated with a voice

The bigger display, which supports 16 million colors and 77
customized themes, will allow users to quickly glance at
notifications and fitness stats. The tracker also supports offline
payments via AliPay. It is still very affordable, priced at just
RMB 169 (roughly $24.5).

Coupled with the long durability that previous generation smart
bands have offered, it is no wonder that the Chinese giant has

emerged as the second largest wearable maker
in the world.
According to IDC, Xiaomi shipped 7.5 million wearable units in the
waning quarter of last year, second only to Apple, which shipped
16.2 units.

The company has
also launched
a smart lock, dubbed Mi Smart Door Lock, that
offers up to six unlocking modes and allows users to track its
status in real time. It also works with the NFC variant of Mi Smart
Band 4 that when paired can serve as a key. It is priced at RMB
1699 (roughly $245).

The announcement comes as Xiaomi, which went
public last year
and is increasingly trying to expand its
services business, struggles to meet analysts expectations. The
Chinese group, once thought of worth over $100 billion, has a
market cap of under $30 billion currently.

Xiaomi also launched a smart washing machine, induction cooker,
e-skate hover, digital translator, and pens. The washing machine,
called Mi Smart Combo Wash Dryer, sports OLED smart buttons and
supports voice controls for activating or halting a washing cycle.
It is priced at RMB 2999 (roughly $433).

Shaped like a smartphone, the Mi AI Translator, comes preloaded
with Oxford and Collins dictionary as well as Chinese dictionaries.
It is aimed at people who are trying to learn a new language and
want to improve their pronunciation. It supports real-time
translation between 34 languages. It starts at RMB 499 (roughly

Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Xiaomi’s budget Mi Band wearable now sports a color screen and voice assistant