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Y Combinator Demo Day Coverage-a-palooza

Much like the equinoxes that synchronize Earth’s calendar,
’s biannual demo days are a key fixture of the
Silicon Valley calendar. This year was no different, with 166
companies presenting from the summer batch (and occasionally from
previous batches if they chose to delay their presentation).

We had a full squad on site not only
covering the 84 companies from day one
82 companies from day two
, but our team also put their
collective heads together to identify the top companies from each
set exclusively for Extra Crunch members.

The 11 best startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 1

Read our favorite 11 startups from day one
, which included:

PopSQL provides collaborative SQL query editing. You can
store SQL queries you run regularly, grouping them into folders
that can be kept private or shared amongst your team. Version
history tracks changes so it can be reverted if/when something
breaks. It currently has more than 100 paying companies, and is
making $13K per month. It plans to build a marketplace for apps
that run on top of your company’s database.

Why it’s one of our favorites: SQL database queries can
be a nightmare, especially if they’re not something you’re used
to dealing with every day. PopSQL
lets you hammer on queries collaboratively until they’re working
exactly as you want — then you can save them for future use and
share them amongst your team members. And when you’ve spent the
last 45 minutes trying to figure out why your query isn’t working
only for a team mate to fix it in thirty seconds, you can use
version control to see exactly what they changed. PopSQL says its
product has already found customers in companies like
Instacart, Redfin, and DoorDash.

Our 12 favorite startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 2

Read our favorite 12 startups from day two
, which included:

Business Score is helping companies automate background
checks on other businesses. The startup is looking to stamp out
tired manual processes that largely mean picking up the phone and
scouring documents. The single API taps data sources across the web
to build out real-time profiles that can help customers scan
businesses in an effort to prevent fraud, qualify leads and onboard
new clients.

Why it’s one of our favorites: Though it’s yet
another startup in the batch catering to other startups, we thought
Business Score
stood out. The company integrates with thousands of data providers
to help companies verify other startups and enterprises they are
considering doing business with, using a system they’ve dubbed
“the business passport.” There’s an opportunity here to
create a tool essential to company-building across industry.

YC is doubling down on these investment theses in its most recent

Finally, amidst all the zany craziness of watching 166 companies
present over two days (there should be a YC company for unmelting
your brain), our venture capital reporter Kate Clark

stepped back to assess what all the various companies in the batch
indicated about the accelerator’s strategy these days

YC knows its sweet spot: enterprise SaaS. One might go as far as
to say it’s transitioning into a full-on SaaS incubator. Why?
Because one of the greatest advantages of going through YC is the
network of alumni companies you can tap into. Many successful B2B
companies have emerged from the program, raised boat loads of
venture capital funding and rocketed to the moon (hello
Stripe, Brex, Gusto and Atrium). With
that in mind, YC is doubling down on its resources for startups
that sell products to other startups, which brings us to our first
piece of news.

YC chief executive officer Michael Seibel and president
Geoff Ralston announced this week that the accelerator has
implemented something called CTO and HR demo days. In short, CTO
and HR demo days are an opportunity for B2B startups to pitch their
products to YC alum companies’ CTO and/or head of HR. Seibel and
Ralston said 60 CTOs attended the event, as well as 30 HR heads. In
total, 42 startups presented and we’re guessing a bunch of those
companies booked a few customers.

Source: FS – All Tech News 2
Y Combinator Demo Day, revenue-based VC funding, Pivotal, Dell, Tumblr, WeWork, and more